Thursday, September 24, 2009

I Got Paid by Cash Crate!

Well...I got my first check in the mail yesterday!!! $51.58 to be exact (As you can see from my past earnings on the banner below!) I've officially proved that Cash Crate is NOT a scam. Put in a little bit of effort, and you too can get paid.
Here's a picture of the check (i've blacked out certain personal information, and it says "Void" because I scanned it.)

Sign up below today to start earning your own cash. Remember, you can post comments or questions at any time and I'll do my best to help you reach your full earning potential!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Getting Started

There has been some confusion on getting started with cashcrate, so i'd like to take a minute to explain in detail how much of this works--again, don't expect to get rich--DO expect to make about $100-$200 extra per month for about 30 minutes of your time each day. You can make much much more if you have the time, devotion, and patience. With that being said:
1) Go to yahoo, hotmail, or gmail and create a new email account. you want to do this because you WILL get spam when you sign up for some of the offers on cashcrate. That's one of the reasons you get paid--to let companies spam you. You certainly don't want all that spam going to your regular inbox.

2) Click the banner below to be taken to their official website. Go ahead and register with the new email address you created in step 1.

3) Start completing offers. There are some that require you to have a credit card, but that's only a limited number. i have yet to complete any of those kind of offers, and have made over $40 easily. You can stay away from (and even ignore) those offers if you're not interested. Cashcrate gives you the option to sort a few different ways (by rating--most likely to get approved, by payout (the higher paying offers generally require a credit card), and by "newest".). I tend to try to complete the higher rated offers first.

4) Take the suveys. I can't stress this enough. I tend to take (and qualify for) 3 surveys daily. Each survey takes approx 10 minutes, and you earn $.80 for them. Translate that to a month, and you're looking at $75/month for 30 minutes of your down time. Not bad for sitting on your butt at the computer! Everyone is different, and you will qualify for different surveys based on your demographic.

5) there are cash offers and points offers. This is pretty self explanatory. The cash offers go on your account and can be redeemed for cash once you reach the $25 threshold. The points offers go on your account, where they can later be redeemed for giftcards to a retailer of your choice.

6) refer your friends. Cashcrate compensates you well for your referrals.

I have a very good full time job, but i enjoy sharing my opinions and making "free" money. If they're giving it away, I'm going to take it by doing "mindless" work. It's my way to unwind in the evenings.

Good luck to you in whatever your quest for extra $$$$ is. Remember, there are a lot of scams out there. This is NOT one of them. It's free, so what have you got to lose? Please check out my other posts for more tips and tricks.

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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

New Tips

So I had a little trouble getting some of the offers to approve. I switched to Mozilla Firefox instead of IE and I've had the offers approve much more quickly. I can also now complete the opinion surveys much easier. Firefox seems to run much more smoothly and quickly than IE also, so I'm flying through the offers. Good luck! Sign up below to get started earning your free cash! (Oh and my first check is on its way as of today!!!!)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Tips on getting the $.25 offers to approve

I've finally gotten the hang of getting these offers to approve quickly! I thought I'd share my secrets. I realize these are only $.25 each, but they approve quickly and it adds up! What I've been doing is using yahoo to create my email accounts again. Apparently when you create too many accounts with gmail in a certain period of time, they start wanting a phone number to text you an activation code...then the amount of accounts you can create is limited. I found that out the hard way! So, I create a new yahoo account, and what I've been doing is one $.50 quiz jungle, then one $.25 offer...creating the account and completing the offers takes about 10 minutes total, then I've got $.75 total to show for it!

So, here's how you do the $.25 offers (fill out the form with valid information, fill out at least 1 offer, and click 2 offers in the rewards section).

1) Fill out the form with valid information. This is pretty self explanatory.
2) When you get to the pages with the "Yes" or "No" bubbles with 1 offer, say no to them until you get to the "United Quotes" offer. This is the one I choose to fill out because it gives you the option at the bottom to "Not contact me...I'm only interested in the prize".
3) Continue skipping through the rest of the offers until you get to the silver offers page.
4) Click on one offer. Let the page completely load.
5) Close out of the offer.
6) Click on a different offer. Let the page completely load.
7) Close out of the offer.
8) Close out of the silver offers page.
9) You will probably get some pop ups with bonus gifts. Close the pop ups (Probably an ID lock pop up too!). Close them all out.
10) Submit your offer!

Hope this helps! I hope you're off to as good of a start as I am!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Off to a good start in September

I'm already over $5 for September after just 1 day (all on my own too from cash offers and surveys). I have a feeling this is going to be a great month!

Just a couple of sure to read the terms and privacy policies for each offer. I've come across a couple of offers that will charge your home phone line if you sign up. There aren't many...and as far as I know, the quiz jungle and all the $.25 offers are safe. I've had a lot of luck getting the $.30 surveys to approve. They are super fast (less than a minute each) and approve within a minute.

That's it for now I guess...let's keep makin that money!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My first check is on its way!

Yep! August is officially over and I made nearly $52! That was easy...I'm pumped to see how much I can earn in goal is $75 :) Nothing beats easy money. Here is proof of my pending payment showing exactly how I earned my $$$$