Thursday, September 3, 2009

Tips on getting the $.25 offers to approve

I've finally gotten the hang of getting these offers to approve quickly! I thought I'd share my secrets. I realize these are only $.25 each, but they approve quickly and it adds up! What I've been doing is using yahoo to create my email accounts again. Apparently when you create too many accounts with gmail in a certain period of time, they start wanting a phone number to text you an activation code...then the amount of accounts you can create is limited. I found that out the hard way! So, I create a new yahoo account, and what I've been doing is one $.50 quiz jungle, then one $.25 offer...creating the account and completing the offers takes about 10 minutes total, then I've got $.75 total to show for it!

So, here's how you do the $.25 offers (fill out the form with valid information, fill out at least 1 offer, and click 2 offers in the rewards section).

1) Fill out the form with valid information. This is pretty self explanatory.
2) When you get to the pages with the "Yes" or "No" bubbles with 1 offer, say no to them until you get to the "United Quotes" offer. This is the one I choose to fill out because it gives you the option at the bottom to "Not contact me...I'm only interested in the prize".
3) Continue skipping through the rest of the offers until you get to the silver offers page.
4) Click on one offer. Let the page completely load.
5) Close out of the offer.
6) Click on a different offer. Let the page completely load.
7) Close out of the offer.
8) Close out of the silver offers page.
9) You will probably get some pop ups with bonus gifts. Close the pop ups (Probably an ID lock pop up too!). Close them all out.
10) Submit your offer!

Hope this helps! I hope you're off to as good of a start as I am!

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