Thursday, August 27, 2009

Secrets & Tips to easily complete cashcrate quizzes

You may have noticed that there are TONS of quiz jungle quizzes on cash crate. These are worth $.50 each, which really adds up if you complete them all! You may have noticed that it can be difficult getting them all from "pending" to "confirmed". Here's my secret--create many many many different email accounts. My favorite email to mass produce is gmail. Start by setting up 1 account. After you get to the "congrats" page, hit the back button on your browser. That will take you back to the sign up page (saves you the hassel of going back to their home page and signing out of the new account). Hit the refresh button on your browser. Enter the 2nd email address you want. Continue. Repeat this process several times. I tend to create about 5-10 email address per day in a matter of 5 minutes, which will translate to about $5 in earnings.

Go to cashcrate and choose a quiz. Pick just any answers for the doesn't matter! Make sure you enter your valid birthday on page 2 of the quiz, and all your valid information on page 3. Submit. You will have the option to "pass" or "skip" the next several pages. I suggest you do so...many of the offers will sign you up for texting services and charge your cell phone! Don't make that mistake. You will come across some offers that have "yes" or "no" next to each of them. Some of the "yes" buttons are selected by default. The fastest way to complete these pages is to just find the ones already filled in "yes" and change them to "no". Leave 1 of them "Yes", as you have to select "yes" to one offer. Submit. At the very top of the very next page, you have the option to check "no" immediately and submit it. On the other full page offers, scross immediately to the bottom and skip or pass them. Continue this process for the remainder of the quiz. Each quiz takes approx 3 minutes to complete. You will get better and faster at them the more you do. You know you reached the end when you get the result of the quiz. Close the window. This will take you back to cashcrate. submit the offer. It will now go into pending items.

Go to the top of Internet explorer, click on tools, click internet option, and clear your cookies, history, and temp internet files. This will ensure that all files the website stored are now gone and will increase your chances of the offers approving. I tend to wait until 1 offer is approved before starting another...but you don't necessarily have to.

Good luck! If you haven't already signed up, please do so below! it is 100% legitimate!

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